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Into Coffee // Zero Waste Coffee

All Kinds of Trash

Rubbish comes in all shapes, states and sizes. To build bags from it, we had to step away from the traditional bag making method.

Our new manufacturing process allows us to use all kinds of trash, is handmade locally and allows easy repairs, upgrades and services.

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Our Suppliers

Flemings Nursery

Monbulk, Victoria

Flemings is a local, family-owned business that has been operating for 100 years. At Into Carry, we are fortunate to contribute to their efforts in reducing material waste.

The beautiful trees below are grown in their own individual Planter Bags. Once matured, they moved and planted over a variety of landscapes and gardens. Due to the growth the tree has while in the Planter Bag, the bag must be cut open to plant the tree.

These bags are built for strength and resilience against years of harsh weather conditions. So when they are cut free, they're far from the end of their useful life. Most nurseries would dispose the bags at this stage, but now Flemings is allowing them to be repurposed into a new product lifecycle.

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Bayswater, Victoria

Megara operate a closed loop in house recycling system. They achieve this by collecting all trimmings of off-cuts from their production and remould it into new products.

One of the hardest challenges in plastic recycling is preparing the waste material. This requires the tedious process of cleaning and sorting material into their material properties.

Megara's in-house innovation takes the plastic waste before it is contaminated with other materials, dramatically increasing the processes efficiency. This efficiency allows them to scale their recycling production and supply 100% recycled plastics for commercial use.

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Keysborough, Victoria

Sepal is a locally owned and operated, manufacturer of innovative health products. Sepals recyclable Infant Feeding System was designed in conjunction with Royal Children’s Hospital and can be found in leading hospitals and chemists around the country.

Sepal run a HACCP Certified manufacturing plant in Keysborough where they operate a semi-closed in-house recycling system. Into Carry has become a stakeholder in Sepal’s long-term re-use/recycle plan by reusing their bulk material bags that were once a waste item.

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One-off Materials

Astrid’s Gazebo Tent

Astrid’s brand-new gazebo tent was faulty and the company didn’t want it back. So she sent it to us and we’ve been turning it into carry ever since. Thanks Astrid!

PP Coffee bags

Luckily our buds Tim and Chris found some 100% Polypropylene coffee bags at their local cafe. Being plastic, they don’t frey or wear easily, perfect trash.

Tony’s Leather Couch

This premium leather couch saw 20 years of good use but didn’t make it through 2020’s lockdown useage. We were fortunate enough to strip the preemo leather from it and turn it into our first leather bag series.

Black Couch Vinyl

Luke’s old man conveniently runs a skip bin business. So the chaps at the tip keep an eye out for any good-lookin’ rubbish that comes through. Just when this vinyl thought it has entered it’s last destination, it was stripped and rebirthed as carrywear.

WOAT Plastic Fusion

Worst Of All Time (WOAT) is a local graphic design studio focused on sustainability. Jasper (the graphic designer) collects plastic packaging waste with a keen eye for interesting typography and textures. He then layers and heat-welds them together to make a thick, durable plastic sheet that acts like a durable textile. Check out this page for our range of WOAT x Into Carry recycled pieces.

To Dye For

Our lovely partners at Martel Upholstery often supply us with great quality white textiles that we beleive will get dirty too quickly as carrywear. Grace took kilo’s of premium furniture textile and spiced them up with a range of colourful dyes.