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About Us


For People

Built for the creatives, the busy bees and those constantly in motion. 

Modern workflow is changing. We see more people working remotely, from home or on the go. We can throw our entire workstation on our back and hit the road. Into Carry was born into this lifestyle and caters for the busy days, the quiet days and all between.

Every day brings a new set of variables. Take some weight off your shoulders with trip-by-trip adaptable carry options. Each day is different and each trip unique. Into Carry is modular so whether you personalise it twice a day or twice a decade, you’ll have the right amount of pockets for every trip.


TRASH INTO CARRY Nursery Tree Planters Our black and green textiles were used to house trees outdoors for years. But to plant the tree, the textile is torn apart. Which is where we come in. We clean, cut, de-thread, clean again and mend holes to turn them Into Carry.

For Planet

As you know, there are a few things wrong with how we make and consume stuff.

We got too good at making things and not good enough at fixing them. Luckily, the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way (slowly but surely). A lot of us want to do good with the goods we purchase. But often this 'good' option doesn't exist.

We aim to facilitate the growing community of people wanting to do good by building great products from repurposed materials.

Designing recycled and sustainable product lifecycles. Longevity that continues to provide value. Carry wear Into Carry.

For Purpose

We want your bag to serve you for as long as possible.

We make bags for modern work-life. We want to build better relationships with the materials we consume. Each bag is designed to grow and adapt to your changing needs. This means your Into Carry can be repaired, serviced and upgraded over its useful life.