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We find premium trash and handcraft it Into Carry.




"Absolutely love my set from Into Carry. It looks great, I get so many nice compliments on them, and I love explaining how they are made from recycled planter bags. Best bag purchase ever"

Kimberly Maxwell

"First commute on the peddly yesterday with my Cafe Racer was a delight, really comfy to ride with. And like, it was full, but felt great"

Hugo Woodward

"I love my min sidekick, it’s literally the perfect size for on my small day to day items. The ethos of the company also tickles my environmentally conscious fancy. Amazing product, conscious practice!"

Jack Turner

Our Best seller

The Min Sidekick

The Min Sidekick is a bum bag for your shoulder. It's a shoulder bag. It houses all those small goods you need to car...

Trash into Carry

The sustainable way to build bags.

We're reshaping the way bags are made so you can lighten the load on your conscious and your shoulders.

Hear more about our circular manufacturing and servicing process on Trash Talk with Sarah Jones...

Lets work together

Got some material that needs a new life?

We're always looking to find new materials to turn Into Carry. We'll take anything from an old piece of clothing to a busted couch and give it our best to keep it from landfill. Contact us below to see if we can repurpose your trash!