Fruit Salad // DON'S SHEET
Fruit Salad // DON'S SHEET
Fruit Salad // DON'S SHEET
Fruit Salad // DON'S SHEET

Fruit Salad // DON'S SHEET

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Fruit Salad // DON'S SHEET

One of the few pieces cut from Don's drop sheet that have been intentionally embellished... Don noticed a few orange circles and a yellow semi circle that almost resembled some fruit. With a few extra lines, the bottom left of the drop sheet was housing a small bowl of fruit... one banana, three oranges. 

THE BAG: HANDBAG DON // The size of your everyday handbag. This won't fit your laptop, but it will fit clothes, water bottle and your everyday goods.

  • Single strap for comfortable and practical shoulder wearing
  • Interior pocket for separate storage (phone, cash etc)
  • Interior and exterior key attachment points

All leftover textiles and plastic offcuts are externally recycled with UPPAREL. 

Free shipping Australia wide. 

Wow my world just opened up...can't believe this beautiful bag is made from what we throw away.



Compact & Reliable

Small on the outside, spacious on the inside. You can rely on these practical, low fuss carry companions to handle your everyday essentials.

for life

Normalising Repairs

The most sustainable product is the one you don't buy. Let's make fixing something easier than buying a new one. If your bag has an accident, we'll get you back on the road. For free.



Handmade Craftsmanship

Our small team of three handcraft every piece of Into Carry in our little Collingwood warehouse. Located out the back of zero waste cafe; Into Coffee.

Earth's Favourite Bags

"Oh, hello Earth. Lovely to hear from you... What's that?... You prefer we stopped feeding you trash. Whaaaaaaat?... Right. Ok. Well, there's actually a shit load of it over here, we'll see what else we can do with it.."

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