Min Sidebag // LEATHER
Min Sidebag // LEATHER
Min Sidebag // LEATHER
Min Sidebag // LEATHER

Min Sidebag // LEATHER

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Leather Color:

Leather Color

Min Sidebag // LEATHER

After an initial life as a cow and a second as a couch, these leather pieces are entering their third life as premium carrywear. Each piece is sourced from leather couches that are in, or on their way to landfill. We strip, clean and process each couch into seemingly new pieces of premium leather.

When we first stripped a wasted couch, we were bamboozled by how much leather looks essentially unused. For reference, an Into Carry couch to bag ratio is roughly 5 bags per butt. So a 2 seater couch will yield 10 bags, while a single-seater will yield around 5. 


THE BAG: Min Sidebag - An Into Carry staple. Perfect for: Phone, wallet, keys, mask, coins, chargers, lip balm etc. 

  • Dimensions: 22cm Wide x 12cm Tall x 2cm(base)-4cm(top) Deep
  • Attach me to any larger Into Carry bag.
  • Strong durable upcycled material
  • Folds flat for easy cleaning, storage and repairs

All leftover textiles and offcuts are externally recycled. 

Free shipping Australia wide. 

Wow my world just opened up...can't believe this beautiful bag is made from what we throw away.



An Environmental Collaboration

Using waste materials to hand craft each bag is only the beginning. Each piece is designed for longevity, personalisation and repairability.


Easy & Accessible

Staying calm in the chaos of modern work life is a skill honed by few. Take some weight off your shoulders and free up some RAM with easy and accessible carrywear. So you can focus on the more important things in life, like remembering your charger, and not missing the tram.


Free Lifetime Repairs

The most sustainable product is the one you don't buy. We need to normalise repairs. We need to make fixing something easier than buying a new one. So if your bag has an accident, we'll get you back on the road. For free.

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