Into Circularity

Our approach to sustainability goes beyond sourcing waste materials. We question every aspect of our products lifecycle in a continuous pursuit for circular product systems.

Exciting & Accessible

For human life to be sustainable, we need lots of humans living sustainably. The pickle is, we tend to be resistant to change, particularly when it comes to our behaviour.

Our goal is to make the sustainable option, the most desirable option. To do this we keep it exciting (new materials & designs) and we keep it accessible (not charging a million bucks for a bag).

New Thinking. New System.

Rubbish comes in all shapes, states and sizes. To build bags from it, we had to step away from the traditional bag making method.

Our new manufacturing process allows us to use all kinds of trash, is handmade locally and allows easy repairs, upgrades and services.

2A Robert st collingwood

Zero Waste Coffee Shop

In the front half of our Collingwood-based studio is Into Coffee. A zero waste cafe serving no-waste lattes and sangas every day of the week.