P01 // Shoulder Bag: Frank

P01 // Shoulder Bag: Frank

We’ve just embarked on the development of a new line of carrywear. We’re going to document the process here as a way to share the design and sustainability thinking behind the bags, but also as a way to get you, our badass circular community involved in the process. Before we kick off into this particular bags design… here is a quick overview of the series’ hypothesis…

SERIES OVERVIEW: At Into, we love carrywear. Totes, backpacks, pouches, the lot. Everyone has them, needs them and uses them every day. A philosophical lens could argue one’s carrywear choices are a reflection of their values, personality and lifestyle. We tend to agree. The identity and connection between a bag and an individual is one of the many reasons we love the art of building carry wear. It’s also the inspiration for this series of prototype development.. A functional piece you carry every day, signaling your values to the world. 

P1 // MATERIAL: Not all waste is created equal. This series will challenge the way we perceive waste materials by championing both high and low value ‘waste’ materials. This prototype juxtaposes pallet wrapping and used tape pulled from a kerbside skip bin with high quality, thick upholstery leather stripped from a customer's landfill-bound couch. By designing with material first, we’re aiming to hero each material's best properties. 

P1 // PROCESS: We’ve heat bonded around 12-15 layers of the pallet wrapping plastic together into a thicker, denser and more durable material. The result is visually striking and the focal point for the bags design. The leather is then specified for human touch points and high abrasion areas. The result is a thick leather base and handle for the bag, giving a soft touch for the user and high durability for the base of the bag. 

P1 // RESULT: After a few days of road testing this around Collingwood, I’m loving the style and functionality of the design. The wide open top and shallow interior makes it super easy to find all my knick nacks. The loop is just big enough to wear cross body while riding a bike and the fact it stands up on a table or floor is a big win. There are some inevitable design and assembly changes needed. The first being the closure of the top, there are a few ideas in mind which will be tested in future prototypes. The strap is wayyyy too wide and not thick enough to support its own weight. The strap will be doubled over in the next iteration to solve this.

P1 // NEXT STEPS: Next we will explore how different low value materials hold up on the exterior paneling. We will test a new top/closure system plus make some form and construction adjustments so the bag holds its shape better.

More importantly, we’d love to hear what you think?! Would you wear a piece like this? What would you change, what do you like… any and all feedback is welcomed.