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Questions Asked Frequently

Hopefully this clears up any questions or concerns you have about INTO CARRY. But please feel free to reach out and contact us directly. Best way to do so is email 


Some of your material had a tree grow inside it. I'm worried my bag will be dirty?
Each piece of recycled material goes through a rigorous cleaning process. Yes it starts out dirty, or with tree roots woven through it's base, but by the time we've put enough elbow grease into it, it's as good as new. 
In short, your bag will be clean. 
Can I try the bag before I buy it?
At the moment we do not have a free trial period. Although we do operate a little portable retail store. It doesn't serve coffee but it does allow you to get up close and personal with the bags before you buy. 
Can I customise my bag?
Sure thing chicken wing. We can customise various aspects of the bag. For example if you want to use your favourite shirt that you never wear anymore as the interior, or if you want to use your old bag for parts then we can use the same straps or handles etc.
The more material we can recycle the better. 
I'm worried I will buy a bag, then next month a better version is available. Like when I got my first PlayStation. 
Well technically, thats not a question. But conveniently, we have designed our bags to be modular and manufactured them in a way that allows upgrades and repairs over time. If there is a better part/colour/material available we can upgrade your existing bag with the new wizz-bang tech.
Will I look good wearing this?
You always look good.
But hopefully this will jazz up your style even more. 
I commute a lot around the city. Do Into bags cater for this lifestyle?
INTO CARRY was born into this lifestyle. It is in it's natural habitat commuting through the city. Built to be speedy and mobil, it caters for frequent stopping and impromptu coffee breaks. 
If I ever stop using my Into bag, what should I do with it?
Into bags are designed and manufactured to be easily stripped back to their raw materials. This allows ease of recycling or repurposing into something else new and fun. Radical transparency is all the rage these days and so is not talking about 'what we're going to do'. So we won't tell you we are working on a buy-bag-back incentive where we buy your old bags and repurpose them.