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To Dye For // PINK

$120.00 AUD

To Dye For // PINK

CONCEPT: Give light-toned furniture offcuts some pizazz and turn them into carry.

PROCESS: Our buds at Martel Upholstery passed on their trash furniture offcuts. We then get Melbourne's dye queen, Grace from To Dye For, to work her magic on the light-toned upholstery fabric. Then we take this newly minted pizazz'd textile and craft it Into Carry.


MIN SIDEKICK - An Into Carry staple. Perfect for: Phone, wallet, keys, mask, coins, chargers, lip balm etc. 

  • Dimensions: 22cm Wide x 12cm Tall x 2cm(base)-4cm(top) Deep
  • Attach me to any larger Into Carry bag.
  • Strong durable upcycled material
  • Folds flat for easy cleaning, storage and repairs

LANDSCAPE TOTE - A bucket tote style with over arm straps and 2 options to attach smaller Into Carry bags to the front or internal sliders.  

  • Dimensions: 32cm Tall, 40cm Wide, 12cm Deep
  • Base Bag (you can attach others to me)
  • Strong durable upcycled material
  • Open top for easy access
  • Over arm strap
  • Secure front and internal slider (to add Attachments to) 
  • Stands up on its own
  • Folds flat for easy cleaning, repairs or upgrades

All leftover textiles and offcuts are externally recycled. 

Free shipping Australia wide. 


Modular Function

Each bag in the Core Range can be customised to your needs by easily and securely attaching or detaching from one and other.

Whether you personalise your carry twice a day or twice a decade, with modular carry wear you can have the right function for every trip.

Light, Durable, Functional

Each bag is designed to help navigate the turbulence of modern work & life. So it needs to be lightweight, compact, durable and accessible.

Crafted in Collingwood.

We hand make every piece of Into Carry in Collingwood, Melbourne. We keep things local so we can ensure quality and offer personalised touches to your bag.

Feel free to drop in to our workshop / retail space / coffee shop anytime before 2pm.

To Dye For // PINK

$120.00 AUD