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Caffeinated Conversations

Our team is passionate about using coffee as a force for positive change. We love serving great coffee, spinning silky milk and spinning good chats about all things sustainability. 

Beyond Sustainability

WBy other metrics ‘sustainability’ means breaking even, getting by each day. Into Coffee is a hub for people and businesses who see environmental change as an opportunity to innovate beyond being sustainable and into new regenerative systems and thinking. 

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Exciting & Accessible

A decade ago, many viewed sustainability as a chore. Our goal is to demonstrate sustainable changes are exciting, innovative and accessible. Like our recent remanufacturing of barista-spun milk remade into handcrafted premium soap bars. 


After spinning a jug of silky barista milk, we save the bit that doesn’t fit into your cup and hand it to Greg at Farm Goat. Greg uses his decades of cheffing skills to craft the milk into premium exfoliating soap bars. Cap it off with a label made from our order dockets by Dodgy Paper and we’ve got a zero waste coffee bar. Dairy or Vegan milk options available.