Eco Curious Conversations w Kat & Sarah

Eco Curious Conversations w Kat & Sarah

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In this episode we talk to Luke Phillips, owner of Into Coffee and Into Carry. Luke is an industrial designer who had an 'environmental awakening' and realised the way we make things is broken. He now runs a sustainable carry wear brand calling Into Carry and a zero waste coffee shop called Into Coffee in Collingwood, Melbourne.

His mission is to change relationships with material resources. This means rethinking how we make, use and dispose of materials, but also how we treat, perceive and value them. 

Luke believes the solutions to sustainability rely on community and collaboration and loves working with like minded people hellbent on finding better ways to live.

This conversation is stemmed around zero-waste and how Luke's coffee shop, Into Coffee, creates sustainable and creative solutions for a zero-waste world! We also discusses the concept of Luke's other initiative, Into Carry, modular bags made from trash!


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