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$420.00 AUD


MATERIAL: Milk carton Tetra Paks / Furniture upholstery wool offcuts from Martel Upholstery / Nursery Planter bag strap from Flemings Nursery / Recycled webbing (trim) / Recycled HDPE plastic (hardware).

This set will be on display at the FORTEARTH exhibiton at Marfa Gallery off Johnson St Abbotsford fro the 17th-22nd November 2021. 

About the exhibtion:

FORT EARTH PROJECT 2021 is a curated exhibition providing the opportunity for visual artists, designers, makers and creators to develop personal or collaborative artworks with sustainability and the environment in mind. Artworks will also be available for purchase.

Tickets can be purchased here.



Modular Function

Each bag in the Core Range can be customised to your needs by easily and securely attaching or detaching from one and other.

Whether you personalise your carry twice a day or twice a decade, with modular carry wear you can have the right function for every trip.

Light, Durable, Functional

Each bag is designed to help navigate the turbulence of modern work & life. So it needs to be lightweight, compact, durable and accessible.

Crafted in Collingwood.

We hand make every piece of Into Carry in Collingwood, Melbourne. We keep things local so we can ensure quality and offer personalised touches to your bag.

Feel free to drop in to our workshop / retail space / coffee shop anytime before 2pm.


$420.00 AUD